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You are right! When a miracle happens, it is important to keep it in mind. Keep it for yourself but also for your futures generations to come. Your story is a beautiful miracle. Why ? Because it was written by our Divine Creator since the foundation of the world. Isn’t it a miracle that two strangers decided to join together and start a family? It is supernatural and beautiful. You are a couple in love and complicity, with a story that was written by God. You want to immortalize a moment dear to your heart, to preserve the memory of a day that will surely never return? Do you have an announcement to make to your loved ones or is it the beginning of a new adventure in your family? Switchography is here to help you make your wishes come true.

P o r t f o l i o 





  A  N O T E   F R OM  A I M C Y 


As a believer my intention is to bring you joy and timeless memories with the talent I had receive from God.  — I believe every great photo starts with putting people at ease. Over the last decade I have been photographing weddings all over France & Europe balancing paying close attention to the details with aiming to capture the greater feeling of a moment. If you love authenticity and exploration as much as I do, let’s connect.


L A T E S T   F R O M   P O R T O L I O


ELEGANT Wedding inVal D’Orcia at La Foce Italian & Cameroun

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