Switchography was born 10 years ago in Paris when I photographed for the first time the wedding of a big sister of heart.

For 10 years I have had the honor of photographing hundreds of couples, newlyweds and families like you in the 4 corners of the world.

My intention is to bless the lives of my clients with the gift and talent I have received from God.

I love my job (or rather my mission) which is to put joy in your heart and allow you to keep a unique and imperishable memory of your most important moments !

I strongly believe in divine connections and I know that if you are reading me today it is not by chance.

Paris, Abidjan, Montreal, Dubai, New-York… Each city where the soles of my feet have landed has been transformed into a fruitful encounter with my camera.

Today Switchography’s vision is evolving and is also serving you in Africa, mainly in Abidjan (where I’m from) for the moment !

At Switchography Studio we love your authenticity, your joy, your attentions, your bright colors that fit you perfectly and especially your emotions.

Our approach is simple: we want to tell your story, so that you can relive each moment through a photo, your photo.

We do not invent anything, you create everything! We let you enjoy these moments and your experience 100% and we, like little mice, we capture the beauty of the moment discreetly !



I believe in God and I believe in his Love. I believe above all that He is Love and the creator of all these magnificent stories that are created between two individuals who were simple strangers and who end up forming a family. It is a miracle from heaven for which I have received the mission to immortalize each story written by our divine Creator. Being a photographer is for me a call, a mission, to tell the world that Love exists. In all its forms: self-love, love for two and love in family.


« You don’t need to do too much…. You are enough ! ».

Your love story is unique. Our goal as a team is to photograph the uniqueness of your couple/family. Those little details that make you the couple you are and tell the story that unites you. At Switchography, we love authenticity and naturalness, we don’t like anything that is « overdone » or that doesn’t look like you. The reality is this: the only memories you want to relive are the ones that will leave you with the greatest emotion.